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The Travels of Three P1 (page 1)

After a fight with a pair of giant centipedes on the night of the new moon, Tsukiyoko’s right arm was (broken/injured) and her left leg was bleeding badly. She had planned to go to the village nearby for food, restocking on arrows and maybe, maybe some shelter, but her leg was too badly injured to make it before morning. Night came and only on that night could she have gone to the village. So instead she found a nice hideout behind some boulders and made a fire to keep warm during the night.

Tsukiyoko: "Damn Centipedes! Now I can't make it in time, no sleep, and no FOOD! Argh! Ow! Exclaiming loudly hurts my leg. (whispers/hisses) Stop bleeding. Damnit!"

Nanoka was nearby and heard her exclamation about having no food. She just caught some fish from the river a while back and gathered some firewood for the village.

She put two fish on a mat and wrote a note. "To the girl by the fire... If you're really hungry there's a river a little north from here."

She put the mat where Tsukiyoko could see it, gave some distance and waited.

T: (wh/ to herself) 'And then the girl asked him a question before she left...'
N: (thinking) *what's she talking about?*

Nanoka sees her drawing on the ground with a stick in her left hand.

T: (wh/2h)'His reply to her was honest, but she couldn't understand. Did he really want to do it?'

Tsukiyoko has her eyes shut and is preoccupied by her pains and it seems to Nanoka that she’s just tired and may try to sleep.

N: (th/)*She won’t notice it unless I do something to make her notice it. Here goes.*

She throws a rock toward the fish and made some noise. Tsukiyoko is startled and sees that there's some fish, eats them and reads the note. [2017-in my page Nanoka suddenly switches between Nanoka and Nanako. Probably an old error. Her name is Nanoka.] Nanoka smiles and starts to head toward the village when...

T: "Is somebody there?! Please! I need to get to the nearest village. I'm injured and need treatment! Please! Help me!"

Nanoka turns around and goes back thinking that she should have noticed the wounds.

N: "Wounds? That's my specialty. And plus, I live in the nearest village."
T: "You're a doctor? Thank goodness! My leg's badly injured and I can't move it."

Nanako popped out from behind a rock with a smile. Tsukiyoko sees her.

N: "Well I'll fix that for you." ^_^

The Travels of Three P2

T: O.O "It’s a human brat!"
N: >:S "What?!"
T: D: "SORRY! I’m so sorry! Damn this stupid habit! Please forgive me!"
N: "I forgive you. Now, what’s wrong with your leg?"
T: (th/) *If I tell her what I am what would she do?* “See for yourself.”

Tsukiyoko rolls up her hakama [2017-pant leg] from the bottom just enough to see the whole wound, winces and grabs her right arm and shows Nanoka that too.

N: “Oh no! If I had noticed that you were wounded and so severely I would have helped sooner!”

Tsukiyoko turns away with a disgusted expression on her face.

T: (th/)*Bet you wouldn’t have even given the fish if you knew what I was* “Wait up. You don’t have any tools! How’ya gonna help me with no tools?”

Nanoka smiles sadly and doesn’t answer.

N: “Close your eyes and imagine yourself without the injuries, without the pain, and then I shall help. Trust me on this and please don’t open your eyes.”

Tsukiyoko does so with a little reluctance.

T: (th/) *How could a young human girl with no tools help?*

She then felt something warm on her leg, then on her arm. After a few seconds the feeling left. It was replaced with a cool wet cloth on her leg seemingly wiping off the blood that came from the wound but Tsukiyoko didn’t feel the wound anymore.

N: “You can open your eyes now. I’m just cleaning up the blood. Lend me your arm so I can clean that up too.”
T: “But how did-?”
N: “Arm first!”
T: “Okay, okay!”

She extends her arm to Nanoka.

T: “Now tell me h-“
N: “Family secret... sort of. Let’s get to the village now. It’s going to get colder and I need to deliver this firewood and fish.”
T: “For real? Thank you! But... I can’t stay long.”
N: “Just grab your stuff and let’s get going! Come on!” ^w^

Nanoka laughs a short giddy laugh. Tsukiyoko grabs her stuff, kicks out the fire pit with dirt and gets up.

T: “Whoa! My leg has completely healed!”

The Travels of Three P3

N: :D “Come on! If we run we could get to the village faster! We both might need some sleep and you could meet my father when he gets back in the morning. And maybe mother…”
Nanoka’s last sentence had trailed off in uncertainty. They started running down the slope to the village together.

T: “What happened to your mom? Can’t I meet her too?”
N: “I guess you could... hmm...” ‘:I
T: “Oh my! I forgot to thank you for healing my leg and arm! Thanks so much!”
N: “And I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Nanoka. What’s y-”
T: (whispers in urgency) “Sto–p!”

They both skid to a stop. A couple pieces of firewood slip out of Nanoka’s arms. Someone peeked out of a hut. Tsukiyoko couldn’t see her face because there was no moonlight. Oh~ how she missed the moon’s glow. The person from the hut came out toward them.

The Person: “Nanoka! I was getting worried! Why weren’t you back before dark? Oh- sorry. Who’s your friend here?”
N: “Sorry, Mother.”

Nanoka catches her breath from the run.

T’s stomach: (growls from hunger)
T: “Excuse me. I’m sorry to ask ya, but... Do ya have any food I could eat?” ‘^^;;

Nanoka’s Mother: “Yes, why don’t you both come inside and warm up, eat a bit, then get some rest? Hmm? My name is Kisaragi. I’m Nanoka’s mother. It’s nice to meet you.”

Kisaragi picks up the fallen firewood and leads them to the hut.

N: “Mother, um... could you not show her, yet? Not now, you know. Please?”
Kisaragi: Okay dear. If you really want it that way. Though you know that won’t last. Just wait outside a moment then (already has it on).

Kisaragi goes inside. Tsukiyoko hears some rustling and moving inside. Then light appeared inside. [2017- Light should have been on inside from the beginning. Tsukiyoko shouldn’t have seen K’s face because it’d be silhouetted.] Tsukiyoko sees a small sad smile on Nanoka.

K: “The food is ready. Come in you two.”

The Travels of Three P4

They went inside. Kisaragi had a cloth over her nose and mouth and a ribbon around her forehead. And there was... Food! Yay for Tsukiyoko! She says thanks and gobbles it all down. Nanoka was laughing at her new friend’s speed. After eating, they all went to bed. Before Nanoka and Tsukiyoko went to sleep, they asked themselves if they should tell the other in the morning about their secret. They both fell asleep with that thought.


At the break of dawn Tsukiyoko got up and readied to leave. Nanoka heard her.

N: “Hey, are you going now?”
T: “Have ta.”
N: “Well, you’re going to need more arrows than that. Use my arrows. They’re by the door.”
T: “Thanks.”

Tsukiyoko had her face hidden with her hair while adding Nanoka’s arrows to her quiver.

N: “Where are you going to go?”
T: “Who knows. I’ll follow the road to whatever it’ll lead to.”
N: “Why are you going?”

Tsukiyoko faces the door/away from Nanoka.

T: “Because I can’t stay. You’ll become endangered if you’re around me.”
N: “Can’t you tell me your name at least?”
T: “...” (th/) *You ask too many questions.*

Tsukiyoko didn’t answer and felt guilt to not have answered but...

T: (th/) *It’s for her safety*
N: “Fine. I’ll call you No-name then.” (sad smile) “Well, I’ll miss you.”


Person (to Tsukiyoko): “I’ll miss you.”

The Travels of Three P5

T: “Would you?”

Tsukiyoko turns to face the person (and people that are with them).

Crowd: “A Youkai!” “Go away” “Get out!”
The person Tsukiyoko spoke to gasps and hides behind someone. A tear falls down Tsukiyoko’s face.

<Flashback ends>

T: “Ah! (wh/) Ow.”

Tsukiyoko crouches, holding her head in pain of the memory. [2017- the… the flashback hurt her… ugh…] Her sleeves fall to her elbow, exposing her youkai markings on her arms. Nanoka gasps.

[2017- I’m missing reference art of how this looks, but if I recall… there are two marks that go diagonally from around the middle area of the back of the forearm that crawl around and end before it reaches the elbow. The angle of the diagonals is from thumb to elbow. The marks are on both arms in a symmetrical manner.]

T: (!) “I’m sorry.”

Tsukiyoko looks at Nanoka directly, exposing her facial youkai markings.  

T: “Please don’t tell anyone.”
N: “I won’t. A-”
T: “Bye.”

Tsukiyoko interrupts Nanoka and dashes out the door onto the roofs silently. She sees two people coming toward the hut. Nanoka runs outside.

N: “Wait! (wh/) Please...” “Oh! Father! Kiri! Have you seen… a girl come outside?”
KG: “Hold it! Shh.”

Kirigumo closes his eyes in concentration. A short while passes and mist comes up. It becomes hard to see.

[KG: And… who are you?]
T: (th/) *What?!*

Tsukiyoko looks around frantically but it seems that there was only fog and mist.

[KG: Please stay calm! I can’t read minds forcefully yet. I can read emotions and talk directly into someone’s mind though.]
T: (th/) *Hey, are you the boy that was next to Nanoka? Friend of hers? Nanoka said your name was Kiri, didn’t she? Are you a youkai?!
[KG: I’m sorry. I sense your questions and curiosity and some of your panic. I am Kiri. Are you the one Nanoka was looking for?]
T: (th/) *Yeah! So what?*
[KG: Nanoka-... Oh, I sense you don’t want to be found? I feel your distrust.]
T: (th/) *Not likely for me to trust anyone anymore.*

The Travels of Three P6

[KG: Did Nanoka mention she had a sibling?]
T: (th/) *Nope. Why?*
[KG: No? Just wondering. I’ll connect you two. I won’t listen in or say anything. She really wants another chance to tell you something.]
T: (th/) *’Kay.*
[N: Why didn’t you tell me your name? Or what you where? Were you scared?]
T: (th/) *Because… I didn’t want to… get too attached, and then feel like that again.*
[N: I know how you’re feeling. I’m-]
T: (shouts) “How can ANY human know how I feel?!”
N+KG: “Ah!”

Nanoka and Kirigumo both fall back from being startled from being repelled by Tsukiyoko. Kisaragi runs out of the hut at the sound of the shouts. Tsukiyoko is out of breath [2017- or gathering her mental energy after the break of the connection]. The fog and mist disperses.

K: “What happened?”
N: “The roof…”

Nanoka gets up and uses barrels next to the hut as a step to reach the rooftop. Tsukiyoko couldn’t move from her exhaustion.

N: “I’m sorry! Please listen!”

Tsukiyoko looks at her. [2017- Probably ferociously due to surprise after surprise and being irritated that she’s not out of the village yet.]

N: “I’m- I’m a hanyou too! Please, can we be friends? Can’t you stay?”

Tsukiyoko is shocked. She starts crying.

T: (th/) *Just like me… Maybe she understands… she can help…*
T: “Nanoka… I’m so sorry!!”

Tsukiyoko falls into Nanoka’s lap crying and crying. [2017- let’s say she falls to her own knees and cries. Nanoka would still be standing on the roof so there’s no lap to fall into…]

[2017- OK. So... This is sudden… she… broke down crying. But she’d probably need to ask more questions before believing Nanoka since Nanoka hasn’t shown signs of being a hanyou at all yet. I’ll leave this be.]

N: (wh/) ‘Will you stay.’
T: “Yes.” (she sniffles.)

[2017- #thatwasquick]

The Travels of Three P7


After a while the village became busy, as it would in the morning. Thanks to Kiri floating them back to the ground in a cloud [2017- Seriously? No. I’m cutting that. They’re getting off the roof on their own. They can slide off fine. Here… let me just add that…] Nanoka and Tsukiyoko gently got off the roof with help from Kirigumo and their father and everyone went back inside. Nanoka’s Father went out to buy something at the market and Nanoka was talking to Tsukiyoko.

T: “Was that how you healed me before? But how come you don’t have any markings or a scent?”
N: “It’s a strange thing in my family. I have youkai powers but I look human. Mother has the marks but no powers. Mother?”

Kisaragi comes over and takes off the ribbon and cloth that covered her face to reveal a smile and some youkai markings. She has markings on her face: A diamond-suit-like star but the points on the left and right side actually have 2 points, making a diamond-shaped 6-pointed star, and she has two markings on either side of her chin that points to the corners of her lips; she also has fangs.

N: “See?”
T: “She smells human too. Only you and Kiri-kun smell a bit like hanyou. And it’s faint even then.”
N: “My mother and I are doctors in the village. She knows lots about herbs and medicines and I can fix cuts and mend broken bones. But we still don’t know if I have other powers. Ah!! Argh!”

Nanoka turns toward Kiri who had a playful grin on his face.

N: “I know Kiri! ‘Sending thoughts and images are a snap with each other!’ Just don’t THINK AT ME so suddenly! Jeez–.”

Tsukiyoko chuckles a little at this sibling banter when suddenly some woman outside starts yelling.

Woman: “Kisaragi-dono! We need help!”
N: “Mother, hurry!”

Kisaragi puts on her ribbon and cloth concealing the marks. Tsukiyoko picks up the medicine grinder as a prop and faces the wall to hide herself. A woman rushes in holding a pale young girl.

Kr: “What’s happened?”

The Travels of Three P8

T: (th/) *That smell!*
Woman: “My daughter was picking flowers at the foot of the mountain with the other children but she didn’t return with the others. I went to see if something had happened to her. I found her like this!”
Kr: “Thank you. Please step outside while I examine her. We will call you in if we need you.”
Woman: “Thank you.”

She left with a worried expression. As soon as the door shut behind her Tsukiyoko turned around to see the girl. Nanoka and Kisaragi were startled but let her take the first look. The girl was pale and hyperventilating. She seemed to be in shock. Tsukiyoko touches her and the feathered plant flashed in her mind.

T: “Dammit. He found me!”
N: “Who? What?”

While gathering up her bow and arrows Tsukiyoko says…
T: “A youkai. Kuroji is after me. Who’s faster, Kiri-kun or Nanoka?”
KG: “I am. Why?”
T: “I know what medicine this girl needs, but... I need someone to come with me. In case I’m caught while I’m out.”
KG: (th/) *She’s scared. Really scared. Is she scared of Kuroji? Or something else?* [2017- KG wouldn’t be this perceptive. And I’d expect Tsukiyoko to crush her fears under the urgency to get the medicine. So I’d also doubt KG to sense the fear so clearly either. MAYBE he’d give a look of worry and wonder if there’s more to Tsukiyoko’s issue with Kuroji but respects her enough to not press it yet.]
T: “Come on Kiri-kun. Oh and Nanoka, do NOT heal the wound on her neck. Don’t do it.”
N: “I won’t if you say so.”
T: “Thanks. Kiri-kun, could you distract the kid’s mom for a sec?”
KG: “Right, your face. I’ll make a local fog and we’ll go right past her. She won’t see us.”
T: “Nanoka...”
N: “Yes?”
T: “My name is Tsukiyoko.”

The Travel’s of Three P9

Nanoka: “?!”

Tsukiyoko leaves dragging Kirigumo by the wrist along into the fog-cloud he just made. His fog dissipates as they run towards the river. [2017- ok. That fog is unnecessary again. He could walk out there and humanly talk to the woman real quick while Tsukiyoko goes the other way first. They only want to avoid her face being seen. She could also travel by roof if there are people on the path. Kiri can follow along on the dirt road just fine.]

Kg: “Where are we going!?” [2017- maybe he should think this at her. I don’t recall if his ‘think-at-people’ ability needed his fog or not.]
T: “On the riverbank is a flower. Like a feathered plant. With that we can stop her from becoming a soulless youkai-creature.” [2017- she’d have a pained look on her face.]
Kg: “What!? A soulless creature!?”
T: “Yeah… Kuroji has that ability. Hurry up! You’re falling behind!”

They get to the river. Tsukiyoko finds the plant, they pick it and run back to the hut. On their way back they hear a fight at the top of the slope. It sounds like the clashing of swords.

Person: “Can’t hit me!”
Ku: “Get out of my way! You pest!”

Tsukiyoko flinches from fear as she recognizes the second voice as Kuroji. Kiri senses her being overwhelmed by fear. She speeds up. Kiri conjures another cloud to distract the child’s mom as they enter the hut. [2017- They find a way around letting the mom see Tsukiyoko and they both enter the hut. Kiri would be over using his ability for a family trying to fit in as humans. And it takes a moment to conjure clouds and mist anyways so a sudden cloud isn’t plausible.] Tsukiyoko gives the plant to Kisaragi and instructs her to grind it and add some water to it then apply a little to the wound and also give it to the girl as a drink. Tsukiyoko sits herself down, slightly out of breath and a frightful expression on her face. Fear for the girl and fear of the one that caused it and the fact that he’s already here.

[N: What happened, Kiri?]
[Kg: She’s really scared. I think we heard a sword fight at the top of the slope. I think one of them was Kuroji because of how she reacted to his voice.]

The sick girl’s face gained color and the wound in her neck stopped bleeding. She tries to talk.

T: (calmly/stoic?) “Kid, don’t talk. You need rest now.”
Kid: “Where am-...?”

Nanoka bends over her so the girl could lie still and they could look at each other face to face without her moving her neck.

N: “Your mother brought you. Don’t worry.”

The Travels of Three P10

The girl smiles, satisfied with this answer. She relaxes and her eyes start to shut.

T: “Kid, before you nap, you were attacked by a youkai right? Did it... say anything?”
Kid: “ He... was yelling about... someone. ‘Tsukiyoko’ maybe...?”
T: “Thanks. Have a nice nap.”

The girl closed her eyes.

T: “That confirms it. He’s still after me.”

Tsukiyoko gets ready to leave again.

N: “Now where are you going?” (exasperatedly)
T: “To battle.” (quietly)
Kg: (th/)*Despite her fears, or maybe because of them… she’s determined about this.* “I’ll go, too.”
T: “What?!” (taken aback)
Kg: “I’m coming too! I want to help!”
T: “Keh, do what you want.” [2017- now that I know what ‘scoff’ means… I’d rather say ‘she scoffed’ instead of typing ‘keh’.]
N: “Me, too!”

Nanoka stands.

T: “Wh-? NO! No way!! You’re not a fighter! You’re a healer and healers can’t help in a fight!” [2017- lol she’s rude.]
N: “I’m coming! What if you’re badly injured again? I want to be there to help you!” [2017- they really shouldn’t be shouting. There’s a girl in the infirmary and the mom is supposed to be outside waiting. This is a disturbance. And why isn’t Kg’s and N’s dad back yet from the market? I doubt I have a reason for this. And Kisaragi is much too silent if she’s in the room this whole time.]
T: “Urgh! Okay, okay! Fine.” (mumbles under her breath/) “I just hope I don’t hurt you…”

Kirigumo caught that but Nanoka didn’t hear.

Kg: (th/) *What’s she talking about? What’s going on?*

They get to the top of the hill. [2017- Holy CANOLI I totally by-passed the moms! Both moms! I don’t have a hindsight-suture for this yet. Ummm… maybe Kisaragi allows them to go on (likely with reservations or only with a promise from them to stay alive) and decides to distract the other mom while the three leave. Maybe invite the other mom in to watch over the little girl together. Ok… so… they get to the top of the hill and…] They see a winged girl flying about and fighting Kuroji. (Her wings are large [one wing may be 5 to 6 feet long from tip to shoulder-blade], white, feathered and bird-like) The winged girl notices them.

Winged-Girl: “Yo, down there! Better be careful! This guy is dangerous~! Woops!”

The girl dodges or blocks all of his attacks with her sword while she spoke.

Ku:” Go away! Disgusting, annoying hanyou!”
WG: (mockingly) “Hanyou this, hanyou that. I already told you my name! It’s Hako! [2017- *spits soda* Oh dear. I know meant her name to mean feather-girl but together like this it spells BOX. But I didn’t like the sound of Hago (which is what it was before ‘Hako’). I renamed her later to Haneko.]

Kuroji throws a few more attacks. He finally clips her in the wing.

H: “Damn! My wing!” [2017- *full blown salt and sarcasm* Oh REALLY? No way~... ... Ug. I’m getting extra salty at my middle school writing. Just… maybe I need a break. lol]

The Travels of Three P11 [2017- There’s 20 some pages in total from middle school. I’m half way there.]

Hako falls to the ground with a bleeding wing. [2017- No description of where she was cut or anything. All I did was ‘ohnoes she’s been hit!’ *sigh*] Kuroji goes in for the kill. [2017- This also means nothing. There’s no imagery at all. I’m gonna guess he readies his sword and rushes forward at Hako, ready to slice her in half.]


He freezes mid-strike and turns to see Tsukiyoko with a smile. She stiffens, with both determination and fear.

T: “Don’t kill her! You’re after me, not her!”
H: (wh/) “Gutsy~.” (th/) *Wait a sec. [Those marks on her face... Is ’She a youkai?*
[T: Kiri-kun, can you hear me?]
[Kg: Yeah, why?] [2017- uh… No, you shouldn’t. I previously made you state you can’t hear other’s thoughts, just their emotions.]
[T: Stop gawking and get Nanoka to heal that girl!]
[Kg: Oh yeah!]
Kg: (wh to N) “Nanoka, come on. Let’s help her wing.]

[2017- This was totally unnecessary. How about totally cutting this out and going straight to this.]

Nanoka and Kirigumo runs over to Haneko while Tsukiyoko fights with Kuroji. [2017- And here’s the name change to Haneko. And…Wait dang it. Tsukiyoko is an archer. What’s “she fights with him” going to look like? Will she drop her bow and arrows to use her claws?]

N: “ Are you okay?”
H: “It’s not that bad.”

Haneko smells the scents of hanyou from Kirigumo and Nanoka and looks at them questioningly.

H: “You look human but you smell like hanyou. Both of you!”
N: “That’s us. It’s a family thing. Are you hurt anywhere else?”
H: “Actually yeah. I think my ankle broke from the fall.”

Nanoka stretches her fingers (interlacing her fingers and turning her hand’s palms out) then puts them on Haneko’s wing. A light blue light comes out onto her wings.

N: “Imagine that the wound on your wing isn’t there. That it’s healed and ready to fly. Picture your ankle without the pain and that it isn’t broken at all.”

Haneko looks at the ground and does so. The warm feeling in her wing was there for a half minute then moved to her leg.

N: “Finished.”

Haneko looked up and sees that her wing and leg were healed and fixed. She stands up with a shocked look then smiles.

H: “Wow! It’s healed!”

The Travels of Three P12

N: “You’re… welcome…” ^^;;

H: “Uh oh!”

Haneko falls down again. [2017- I meant: Haneko loses her balance and fall to the ground.]

Kg: “What’s wrong?”

H: “It’s that sword. It must have been poisoned or something. My wings are numbing; I won’t be able to fly for a while I think. And what about here?”

Haneko gestures to Nanoka with a nod of the head.

N: “I’ve never… healed a wing… like yours. I’m just… a bit exhausted.” [2017-then maybe the time it took to heal the wing should have had more obvious strain on Nanoka or maybe should have taken a bit longer to do.]

H: “C’mon. Let’s get into the trees then. We don’t want to be in the battlefield like this, do we? Help me up will ya?”

Haneko gets on one knee and gestures to Nanoka and Kiri to take her hands to help her stand and walk. They all hide in the cover of the trees [2017-that happen to be there without properly mentioning there was a forest near by.] Haneko leans on one tree and looks sideways at Tsukiyoko and Kuroji with a serious expression. [2017-probably a studying and concerned expression.]

**[2017-what does this mark indicate? Did we go back in time a little to the start of the banter? Or is the following somehow mid-banter?]

Ku: “You come out of hiding to save one life? And yet risk the entire village below by coming to see me?” [2017- He’s gloating.]

T: “Shut up! It’s not happening again!”

Tsukiyoko fires a blasting arrow. [2017-It’s a regular arrow that Tsukiyoko puts energy into and would look like Kagome’s powerful purification arrows but with a darker glow. It’s also tinted a different color than Kagome’s pink purification arrows. Not sure what color yet though.] He dodges. It blows up a tree. He charges at her. She dodges a punch and he shows her the memory of the blown up village. She yells and clutches her head, dropping the bow. [2017- and I also cringe. He should do something physically specific if he’s going to do some memory spell. ]

N: “What happened?”

Kiri tries to contact Tsukiyoko but was pushed out before he could find too much. [2017- I’ve already said that he can’t read minds. This is a pointless action?]

Kg: “He’s giving her memories of, I think her past. They were sort of hard to see because I was pushed out.”

[2017- OMG please back out now if you’re not me. The next part is painfully cringy for me.]

Ku: (wh/) “Remember that? Remember that feeling of hatred and anger?”
Tsukiyoko’s eyes had glazed over from the effect of his memory spell. [2017-you know… the glazed anime eyes? Where she’s not actually looking at anything and just suffering mentally?]

T: “No… Stop! I’m not falling for that!”

Her eyes unglazed, and she shakes her head to clear her mind. And just in time as she dives out of the way of another one of Kuroji’s fist.

Ku: “Interesting. How long can you withstand me?”
T: “Just die already! You’ve done enough damage!
Ku: “I will have you!

The Travels of Three P13

More memories are replayed by force. Tsukiyoko grabs her head again.

T: “AHH!!! Stop! Stop it!!”


Ku: “You want the power. You need the power. Your father may not have died if you had enough strength to break the bonds. You could have saved him. But you were weak. If you had used your true power…”
T (wh/) “Not again… not again!”

[2017-Why is Kuroji monologuing? He’s been trying to attack her but now she’s vulnerable and he’s monologuing.]

Tsukiyoko’s hair gradually grows stark white from her roots outwards. Nanoka, Kiri, and Haneko are shocked as she transforms.  

T: (th/) *My mind’s not gone yet. I haven’t blacked out yet. Why is this? ... Father’s bracelet(charm)!* “You’re not getting away with this!”

She attacks Kuroji with her claws. He dodges. She makes a crater (because her ‘swing and a miss’ made her hand swing into the ground. Her left hand arched up and swung down). She sees her bow, takes it and aims a blasting arrow at Kuroji. The village is behind him. The arrow’s power/aura becomes shockingly abnormally large.

T: “You’ll die here!!”
[Kg: Don’t shoot the arrow, Tsukiyoko!! Even if you hit him it’ll demolish the village! Our village is over there!! Please wait!]

Tsukiyoko gasps and the energy around the arrow dies. Her body shakes. She drops her bow and arrow. She goes back to her original form as she falls to her knees. She’s wide-eyed and gasps for breath a few times as she stares at the ground.

T: (out of breath) “Oh damn… That was a close one!”

Kuroji is disappointed (and kinda huffy) that she dropped her attack. He charges at her again and throws a punch. She rolls out of the way and into a kneeling position. He swings again. She moved too fast and the bracelet comes off. [2017- or Kuroji nicks it unknowingly with the last punch.]

T: (th/) *Oh no! The bracelet!*
Ku: “I can help you to control that power from before. Make it come and go as you please. You can stop people from running away from you. From betraying you.”

More flashes of flashbacks.

Ku: “Wouldn’t you like that? No more screaming and running away?”
T: “LIAR!”

A tear falls from Tsukiyoko’s eye and her youkai marks grow and her claws lengthen.

T: (wh/) “No! I can’t... control this!” (panicked)

The Travels of Three P14

Kuroji smiles (gleefully?)

[2017-I should just… change the beginning: where Kiri says he can’t hear thoughts. If he’s open to it, he’s clearly allowing her thoughts to go to him.]

[T: Kiri! Can you hear me?!]
[Kg: Yes! Are-are you-? What’s happening to you?!]
[T: Let everyone know. If I transform again... my mind will disappear… And I’ll have no memories… Please… Run as far as you can… get the villagers to safety…]

Strong youki-winds start blowing around Tsukiyoko (like the Wind Scar), her eyes change color, and a small visible barrier appears around her form. She’s wide-eyed and clutching her arms and is slightly bent forward.

[T: No-]

The youki winds blast once outwards. When it reaches the forest, it pushes Kiri into the tree behind him. Nanoka and Haneko were hiding behind trees when the winds came by and felt the winds billow around them.

Kg: “Ow!”
N: “So what’s going on? What did she say?”
Kg: “Ah. If she transforms again, she’ll lose her mind and memories. She wants us to escape as far away as we can with the villagers.”
H: “There’s no way we have enough time for that! The fastest way to save the village will be to stop her!”
N: “But how?!”
H: “Shh…”

Haneko gathers fire in her hand and throws it with all her strength at Tsukiyoko. It phases through the barrier and hits her squarely in the cheek. The impact knocks her over and she hits the ground hard. Kuroji shoots a deadly glare at Haneko and quickly turns his attention to Tsukiyoko. Her face is kinda in the dirt and hidden from his view. The barrier had faded and her youki winds stopped blowing about.

[2017- If Haneko gets a moment to react to Kuroji’s glare, it would be with an uncomfortable and crooked grin.]

Ku: (th/) “How did the pest’s fire pass through that barrier?!”

The Travels of Three P15

H: (yelling) “Hey MORON!! If you don’t want to flatten the village then you’re the only one that can stop it from happening! Don’t be a dimwitted imbecile and listen to that disgusting piece of scum!!”
Ku: (y) “SILENCE!!”
H: (y) “I ain’t talking to you!! Keep your trap shut!” (redirects to Tsukiyoko) “Anyways, ya dumb girl, this irritating troll knows nothing! You’re stronger than this creep! Don’t you dare think on anything that selfish dirtbag said! No one knows what you’ve been through but YOU!!”

[2017-As she says this, she might as well be slowly walking out of the forest toward Kuroji and Tsukiyoko with talk like this lol. But she’s hanging on to a tree because she’s unbalanced without her wings in use.]

T: (th/) *She’s… right... Everything she’s said is true.*

Tsukiyoko slowly gets up. Kuroji flinches and watches carefully as if he expects something. Her head is still looking at the ground and we don’t clearly see her eyes.

T: “‘Moron’, ‘dimwit,’ ‘imbecile’... I have a name! Even HE calls me by my name!”

Kuroji regains hope that Tsukiyoko will follow him. Kuroji has a glint in his eyes and a crack of a smile of expecting something to be in his favor. Tsukiyoko now stands up straight, smiling with confidence, and looks straight at Kuroji.

H: “Introduce yourself after you take out this trash!”
T: “With pleasure.”

Kuroji’s hopes evaporates. Tsukiyoko jumps forward and attacks with her claws. Kuroji tries to dodge to the side but gets scratched on his face. She uses strike after strike and he successfully dodges backwards. Then she trips him by feigning one of her attacks (and arching strike forward) and grips the ground at his feet. She uses that arm as a pivot as she swings her legs and body around and hooks under his feet and he falls backward hard onto his back. He’s winded for a moment. Tsukiyoko brings her clawed hand down on his throat but is surprised to find she stopped before piercing his throat. She bares her teeth and her eyebrows furrow. She’s breathing hard from the fight.

T: (th/) *What’s wrong? What’s going on?! Why can’t I KILL HIM!?!*
Ku: “What’s the matter? Caving at the last second?” (taunting, catching his breath.)
T: “Yeah, you disgusting piece of scum!”
H: You’re using my insult!”

The Travels of Three P16

Tsukiyoko changes her plan from slitting Kuroji’s throat to just severely damaging him. She bashes at Kuroji’s right arm with her foot in anger at herself and gets off him. His arm is broken and she kicks him in the side. He flies from the impact and breaks a tree trunk in half when he hits it. Kuroji is on one knee and clutching his side in pain and with one arm limp. He and Tsukiyoko give each other deadly glares.

T: “LEAVE! Or would you rather me break every bone you have!?”

Kuroji grinds his teeth, turns and fades away through the trees in a kind of wispy mysterious way. Tsukiyoko kneels down in the grass. She’s frustrated that she couldn’t finish him off. Haneko notices the worried look on Nanoka’s face.

N: “Tsu-!”

Haneko interrupts.

H: “Shh! Calm down. She’s mad at herself. You should go cheer her up in a gentle manner. I’d follow suit but seeing as my legs are still numb and my wings’d hit the trees if I tried to fly-… I don’t want to move just yet.” [2017- Her legs were NOT numb. It was the wings. A fix for consistency’s sake.]

Haneko gestures at her wing as a reminder to Nanoka of its previous injury.

(cut to Tsukiyoko)

T: (th/) *Dammit. Why?! Why couldn’t I kill him... Damn… … Dammit!*

Nanoka starts walking toward Tsukiyoko.

Kg: “May I?”

Kiri offers his hand and assists Haneko in walking (by throwing her left arm over his shoulder, he holds that hand with his left and he supports her with his right arm behind her back and under her right arm). Haneko’s wings start dragging behind her as they walk slowly.

H: “Ah! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hooold on. Sorry. My wings’ll get more messed up with dragging.”

Haneko grips the opal orb on her necklace with her right hand. The orb emits a pink glow under her fingers and her wings become intangible, then invisible. Kiri is impressed and also adjusts himself to have a better hold on Haneko. The start walking toward Nanoka, Tsukiyoko and the village.

Kg: “How did you…? Where those wings-?”
H: “Nah. I was born with the wings. My father gave me this,” (touches the necklace) “because they sometimes got in the way when I didn’t need them. They can’t be touched, seen, or even smelled I guess. It’s like they weren’t there!”

Haneko flinches from a pain.

Kg: “What was that?”
H: “It’s just, if they’re already wounded they’d still hurt. The poison from the sword made my wing numb but I think it’s wearing off and making it hurt.


Nanoka kneels to Tsukiyoko’s level to get a good look at her. Tsukiyoko is gritting her teeth and scowling.

N: “Are you ok?”
T: “I’ll be fine. Go back to the village. I’ll catch up.”
N: “I’m staying with you!”
T: “Fine. Do what you want.”

Tsukiyoko’s expression changes to something more solemn. She stands and looks around, scanning the ground for her father’s bracelet. She finds it, walks over to it and puts it back on.

T: “Let’s go...”

The Travels of Three P17

They all start walking toward the village together.

N: “What’s the bracelet for What’s that, Tsukiyoko? Tsukiyoko? Ah, hey!”

Tsukiyoko was ignoring Nanoka’s question but then suddenly collapsed. She looks like she fell asleep or passed out.

Nanoka smiles a kinda sad smile and puts their arms around each other’s shoulder, half dragging and half carrying her because of Tsukiyoko’s height.

[2017-Haneko would let Kiri help Nanoka carry/drag Tsukiyoko to their house. She would walk with them with her hand on someone’s shoulder to help her balance. Haneko can walk but she’s unbalanced and would trip or stumble a lot. And this isn’t due to the poison but because she’s just bad at walking. She always prefers flying so her legs are weak from disuse and lack of practice.]


Tsukiyoko wakes up in Nanoka’s house. Haneko greets her with a grin and her hands on her hips.

H: “Seems like you’re feeling better. Now, spill it!

T: o.o “What?”
H: “Your NAME! Dummy.”

Tsukiyoko smiles weakly.

T: “Heh. Oh yeah. That? My name is Tsukiyoko.”

H: “Tsukiyoko, guess what?”
T: “What?”
H: “They were all DAMN WORRIED about ya!”
T: “Quit yelling in my face.”
H: “Oh. Sorry.”

Haneko sits down and Tsukiyoko can now see Nanoka and her family [2017-specifically… just Nanoka and Kiri] also watching her.

H: “So, what happened? You seemed fine to come down here on your own feet but you collapsed! Honestly I thought the energy you’d have from being so pissed would carry you fine. I don’t think it was exhaustion that made you pass out.”
T: “Dunno.”
N: “What was that bracelet you picked up?”
T: “!”

Tsukiyoko looks at her bracelet. It seems to be flowing with some feeling inside it.

T: (th/) *What’s that? Is that my anger? I can’t take my anger or sadness away when it hurts.* [2017-I’m honestly stumped at what I meant by this... I’m quite saddened by this.] (wh/) “Wow, Dad. You’re the coolest.”
N: “Did your father give you that?”
T: “Yeah. He gave it to me to help me keep my emotions in check and help control my powers better.”
Kg: “That must have been it. Your anger gave you energy and the bracelet took away that anger.” [2017-Cringe writing. If I rewrote this I’d probably omit this bit that explained the bracelet. I had a tendency to want to explain things immediately.]

[2017—oh my… I have more than a page at this point where Haneko kinda breaks the forth wall. I omitted a comment she made earlier when she was shouting at Kuroji to shut up. It was marked with a strikethrough in pencil so I must have known I didn’t want it to stay in the main story but I still clearly wrote this. My guess is that I reviewed this in Feb 2006 and lightly crossed out things because they were silly, and… there’s a note that says [Feb 2006] next to the following huge crossed out section. Haneko had said (and I quote) “Shut your trap! I’m already visualizing the duct tape over your stupid mouth!!” There was a quick moment where Kiri and Nanoka said “What’s du-” and Haneko cuts them off with “Nevermind,” and quickly came back to the proper story by continuing to vocally attack Tsukiyoko with insults to wake her up. I… am going to archive this bit that ‘explains’ the duct tape comment. I’ll use the strikethrough on the whole section as well as adding curly brackets to the beginning and end of the forth-wall-breaking moment.]

{T: “It’s your turn to cough up, Haneko.” [2017- This is already an error. Haneko hasn’t introduced herself yet lol. And also Tsukiyoko is referring to when Haneko shouted at Tsukiyoko for her name but I used a strikethrough on it. Since this whole section is omit anyways, nothing matters lol.]
H: “What?”
T: “What’s... ‘duct tape’?”
H: “Oh! That. Well… I met two girls the other day. [2017- I KNOW she’s talking about me and probably my friend M. Ev.] They were poking at someone who was tied up in something kinda like rope but grey and flat and he had some over his mouth. I asked them what the stuff was. It was like a scroll of paper but thinner. [2017- I had meant the width was thinner than a scroll would be. Not the thickness of the sheets.] One side was super sticky and it was very strong stuff.”
Kg: “Where’d they get it?”
H: “Dunno. Never asked.”
N: “What’s it used for?” [2017- These kids are asking the wrong questions. WHO WAS TIED UP? WHY ARE WE NONCHALANT ABOUT THIS? lol]
H: “They mentioned: making one shut up, tying one up, fixing stuff… Their favorite use for it is shutting someone up and pain.–”
N: “Pain?!”
H: “Yeah. It really hurts when you pull it off of somebody.”
T: “What’s it made of?”
H: “Not sure of that either. One thought it was made from ‘plastic’ or something. [2017-I think that’d be me. I still haven’t looked up how duct tape is made.] Take a look at it if you like. They said one roll was running low so they gave it to me.”

Haneko fishes in her pouch and does the cutsey-thing where they look up and stick their tongue out a bit while feeling around for something in their bag. She takes out a roll with not much duct tape left on it.

H: “Here.”

They all look at it in wonder. After a short while of examining it, they finish and it was put back in Haneko’s bag.

H: “After they said I could keep it I let them be and walked away.”}

Tsukiyoko sighs and lies back down with a worried look. She puts her hands behind her head.

T: (th/) *Dad… Why? Why couldn’t I finish him? He killed, and used me and hurt so many people. And he’ll just keep doing it. He’s better off dead. Why?*

Tsukiyoko just remembered something.

T: “Where’s that little girl that was in here?”
N: “Mother is taking her back to her home now. She’s all better now.”
T: “How… How long was I out?”
N: “It’s about noon now. Why?”

Tsukiyoko heaves a sigh of relief and sits upright with a smile. Tsukiyoko still had some questions but for Haneko this time. She looks at Haneko.

The Travels of Three P19

T: “So, Haneko, what’s your reason for coming to this village?”

Haneko shrugs.

H: “I have nothing else to do. My parents are dead (missing?) [2017-I must have been undecided] and I have no siblings to take care of or to take care of me. I’m a wanderer looking for some kicks.”

Tsukiyoko sighs and looks away.

T: “You sound a little like me… except I’m actually running away instead of looking for something.”
H: “You better get over that soon, kid. The thing about running is that you’re gonna get tired and he’ll just catch up to ya.” [2017- H…Haneko… Tsukiyoko is literally older than you. And you’re both kids…]

This comment makes Tsukiyoko ticked. She snaps at Haneko and gives a glare.

T: “Then what should I do?!”

She looks at the ground, a bit ashamed about the outburst.

T: “I’m not strong… I couldn’t kill him…”

She looks up at all three of them.

T: “You all saw me! I couldn’t do it.”

She looks away, towards a wall.

T: (th/) *Was he right?*

Haneko slaps her on the back of the head and scolds Tsukiyoko with a wagging finger. </s>Tsukiyoko is surprised by this action: o.o!</s>

H: “I said it before! He must want you because you’re stronger than him!”
(tsukiyoko shoots back)
T: “My powers are strong! Yes, I know! But I can’t control them! My determination is weak! He got to me before! And-!..”

A tear escapes Tsukiyoko’s eye.

T: “I don’t think I can resist him again. I don’t think I can handle it again…”
N: “You won’t be alone though.”

Tsukiyoko looks up and is surprised to see Nanoka smiling brightly at her.

T: “Huh?”
H: “You heard her. See, I’m getting a bit bored of just wandering around on my own.”
Kg: “We’re all the same here so we’ll support each other.”
N: (happy hushed voice) “Wow... We’re four hanyou in one room.” c:

Kisaragi opens the door and walks in.

Kr: “Well look who’s up!” ^_^
N: “Hello Mother! What took so long?”
Kr: “Your father and I took a detour after we escorted the girl home. We decided to look at where your fight took place. What a disaster. Can you tell me what happened?”
[2017- so the dad’s there but not?? WHY AM I AVOIDING HIM LOL]
Kg: “I’ll try to make a long story short. Tsukiyoko is super strong and a youkai is hunting her for it. He wants that power. There was a battle and he had to retreat. That’s about it.”
Kr: “And you’re newest friend?” (she lends a smile to Haneko.)
H: “I’m Haneko. Nice to meet you. I had been fighting the youkai before these three came to help me, for which I’m very grateful.”

Tsukiyoko gets up gingerly and makes sure her stuff is together and get’s ready to leave.

H: “And where are you going?”
T: “I don’t want to endanger this village. I better leave.”
H: “You are so not going alone!” >_>

Haneko gets up and gathers her things too.

T: “I won’t stop you if you want to follow me.”
N: “What? Why don’t you two stay one more night, at least? You hurt him pretty badly. I don’t think he’ll come back so soon.”
H: (quietly to Tsukiyoko) “That’s true, ya know...”

Tsukiyoko hesitates at the doorway.

Kr: “That would be wonderful! And you could take the patients area for sleep.  
T: “That’s very kind of you.”
H: *w*! “We’ll take you up on that offer!” (under her breath) “I’ve been sleeping on dirt, leaves and rocks for, who know how long!”
N: (laughs at Haneko’s enthusiasm) “Come on! I’ll show you to the room.”
Tsukiyoko and Haneko took their things and followed Nanoka into the spare room.
Kg: “Mom, where did father go?”
Kr: “

[2017-AAAA DAYUM I wanted to know where the father went too! But I didn’t write more!! It literally ended with that open quote. I’m saddened by this. lol]
The Travels of Three
When did I WRITE this? My main and only dated clue is a note that marks it "Feb. 2006" on page 18. So I likely wrote this in 2005. 

if aaaanyone stumbles on this, this is an old fanfiction in a vague 'script form' of some characters I made to fit in the world of InuYasha.

I'm archiving it for my middle-school-self's OC's information. I see that I used to repeat myself and used dialogue in places where actions would have spoken louder. 

Here are some notes I've gathered from typing this up/looking at old notes:
--Note: age = real/vs/looks-like, though thinking about it now that doesn't make sense for these hanyou (except for maybe Haneko.) Tsukiyoko should age like humans.
Tsukiyoko -  161/16; left-handed; Taller than Nanoka; hair would turn white with 'the change', 
Notes from old character sheet:
DOB: July 19th; Abilities: Poison Claw (sesshoumaru), flashes of images in her mind when someone's in grave danger (deus ex machina/this ability tells her how to save people), blasting/aura arrows; Youkai-form abilities: Poison claw (same), circling blast (I meant a radial semi-sphere type blast that pushes everything/destroys everything in a radius to her), barrier [this barrier doesn't affect hanyou attacks]; Weapons: Bow and arrows, claws, fists, (father's bracelet); Parents Father: Youkai; Mother: Human; (Her likes and dislikes are ripped directly off of InuYasha besides the fact that she loves her parents)

Haneko - 149/14; Originally Hako, changed to Haneko then changed to Hago (and then I said; tried to break the forth wall once at least once with duct tape;
Notes from old character sheet:
DOB: October 2nd; Abilities: Fire balls (she's part phoenix-youkai), flight(ditto), insults, speed, hearing, changing to a human for any time(deus ex machina); Weapons: sword, claws, fists, wings, (arm guards, opal necklace); (her father taught her sword fighting and how to fly) Parents: Both are Hanyou, Mother: Cat hanyou; Father: White Phoenix hanyou Likes: friends, jokes, fun, making up insults, flying, bright colors, duels, challenges; Dislikes: grumpy people, walking, losing, darkness/evil, 

Nanoka - 14/14; Parents Father: Human; Mother: Hanyou (with strange blood lineage);

Kirikumo - 14/14; Originally 'Kirigumo'; Abilities: sensitivity of emotions and projection of his thoughts into other's minds, connecting two minds to hear each other (though this one shouldn't work;
Notes from old character sheet:
Abilities: create mist, distant communication with twin sister, reads emotions; He doesn't use a weapon; Parents Father: Human; Mother: Hanyou (with strange blood lineage)

Kisaragi - Nanoka and Kiri's mother; Hides her face with a cloth over her nose and mouth and a ribbon across her forehead; ("Squib"); has markings on her face: A diamond-like star but the each horizontal point have 2 points, making a diamond-shaped 6-pointed star, and she has two markings on either side of her chin that points to the corners of her lips; she also has fangs; she married a human.


Kuroji: Youkai; shallow villain rip-off of Naraku; has a 'fang-bearing' lizard; if the lizard bits a human they turn into soulless zombie-like creatures he calls Younin; only cure for this is the 'feather plant' (that I made up in middle school) which has (leaves?) that look like feathers and it only grows near rivers, lakes, ocean, streams etc. 
Notes from old character sheet:
appears 19/20?; True age 500?? Abilities: changing humans to Younin, creating lizards when they die(oddly specific), superior strength, giving Tsukiyoko flashbacks and images (deus ex machina/is it really specific to Tsukiyoko?), poison sword; Weapons: sword, lizard, claws; likes: destruction

Himuro or Hiromi - a girl that befriended Tsukiyoko (they'd meet every month at night during the time when Tsukiyoko was human, they did this for 2 years); 8 years old (while Tsuki was 13?); She has an older brother; I named this person with these Kanji: 氷室 "Ice Room" I think I considered changing the name to a typical name like Hiromi after the fact.

I have a few names on a spare page: Yamaki (eight/roll), Yamada (Mountain/feild), Shindou, Ichirota, Kojiro, Jiro; I wrote Kanji for these names but I can't type them all because this pc doesn't have Japanese installed.

I've also found a couple sheets of flashback... I think I'll probably want to archive those too. I doubt I still have the files but these have been typed and printed... what a waste of time to re-type it lol. I can find them in the 'red folder' and it'll probably be in the accordian file case in the attic if I don't type them this year lol

Listing them here:

Tsukiyoko Memory 1-Mother Dies (Tsukiyoko is 11; Mom dies while shopping at the village market when Kuroji attacks it. Tsukiyoko witnesses her mother's death and dying words.)

Tsukiyoko Memory 2- Tsukiyoko's first transformation (T is 12 or 13?; Tsukiyoko tries to prevent a village from being anihilated by Kuroji while her father was away; a boy she saved is scared of her and she feels betrayed; her power violently goes berserk and flattens the village, no survivors?; Kuroji takes interest in her;[He'd try to take her but her Father comes in time because he noticed the destructive blast; Dad defends her and Kuroji has to retreat.])

Tsukiyoko Memory 3- Father's explanation (the next day; "what happened comes from my bloodline, strong emotions changes our youki"; Father passes down a bracelet he got from his father, it helps those of their bloodline keep their emotions in check and thus their power; Tsukiyoko's father added his own fang to the bracelet for her.)

Tsukiyoko Memory 4-Himuro and Younin (T is 13'?'; Himuro is a girl that befriended Tsukiyoko; they'd meet every month at night during the time when Tsukiyoko was human, they did this for 2 years; Tsukiyoko's first friend?; She gave Himuro her mom's necklace in friendship; Kuroji comes to ruin everythin; Younins are introduced as he destroys the village; Dad fights Kuroji; Tsukiyoko finds cure for humans not fully transformed into Younin with (deus ex machina) ability; she saves some kinda ungrateful villagers)

Tsukiyoko Memory 5-Father's Death (cont'; Tsukiyoko joins her father to fight Kuroji; Kuroji shows off his (deus ex machina) ability to make tsukiyoko relive memories; he openly admits he wants her and her abilities; reveals that his sword is laced with paralysis poison; father dies while protecting Tsukiyoko; she escapes and plans to visit Himuro's village in the morning)

Tsukiyoko Memory 6- Himuro's Village (Tsukiyoko wakes Himuro from outside her house and talks through the door so she doesn't see her face; "I have to leave"; she explains that a danger follows her; "I'll miss you" says Himuro, T is walking away and H comes outside; T had her doubts and reveals her youkai marks on her face to H; H is speechless and T takes it badly and so do the villagers; H's brother grabs H's keepsake necklace that T gave her and threw it at T; he probably yells at her to 'get out' like the other villagers are; Tsukiyoko's powers goes berserk, she's insistent on not killing anyone and her ability complies; the physical village is annihilated but everyone lived; T picks up her mother's necklace and she leaves in silence.)
  • Listening to: mom cooking dinner in the kitchen
  • Reading: The Property of Hate
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Playing: (League of Legends)
  • Eating: Dinner in the near future
  • Drinking: Apple juice in the near future

(btw, I'm trying to up my frequency on dA again as I'm on tumblr and anything I draw for tumblr is worthy of dA. hopefully)

10 questions from ME to YOU:

1. What's your favorite color and why?
A: PURPLE. Yesh. The tint or shade of preference changes depending on usage. Dress? Dark purple. Pillows? Light purple. etc.

2. Are you a deep thinker?
A: I don't consider myself a DEEP thinker. More of an over thinker. I hate thinking about something and digging myself into a mind hole of "I should have done"s, or a mind hole of "I'm a useless human being" *shrugs* (HEY LOOK INSECURITIES.)

3. What's your favorite art form to create, and favorite art form to view?
A: (Gosh, What does art FORM mean? Traditional Pencil Drawing? Digital Painting?) ALL art forms. Name something. If I think it's pretty, I like it. Traditional or Digital doesn't matter. I like Ink, pencil, sketch, cosplay, sculpting, animation, 3D digital modeling, baking, dance/choreography (DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING? ITS AN ART FORM, TOO.), PICK SOMETHING I HAVEN'T SAID. (try me. [If you comment #3 and name something I'll say 'yes' or 'no' if it's an art form I like or not c: ])

4. If you could go anywhere in the world right now at no cost, where would you travel?
A: I'd like to see Japan again and see some of my good friends. But right now I'm really into The Property of Hate by modmad sooooo I'd like to meet her in person because she's like a role model for me right now (shake her hand, bake her cookies, give her a hug, and such). c:…  |…  |<- the webcomic | the author/artist -> | |

5. What skill/knowledge would you like to obtain?
A: How to life? How do I adult? Make responsible adultly habits. Waking up with energy and get things done. Make to-do lists and do things on the list every day! I'd like that ability.

6. Have you thought about the meaning of life, and do you have an answer?
A: Happiness. Meaning of life is to have oneness between mind and (bodily)self. Mind says: this will help your future! and Body says: awesome! let's do this! (instead of sleeping until past noon.)

7. What makes you laugh the most?
A: Good jokes? Certain irony? Fubbing up my words when recording with my friend? not exactly sure honestly. o-o

8. If you had a thousand dollars (or other currency) to buy something right now, what would you use it for?
A: A fully equipped studio. But HONESTLY a thousand dollars isn't enough to buy that. (drawing table, two computers, an extra server for digital art storage, multiple monitors, all the software programs I could ever want (ex. all the most recent Adobe programs, 2D animation program, 3D animation program, etc), light box, voice recording equipment, photo booth, cameras, proper lighting equipment, etc.etc.etc.)
9. Have you had a pet that was like another human to you? Tell me about them.
A: I have a pet that reminded me of another pet. I've only had fish as pets. My current fish (named: Fishy-fish) is noisy and plays with bubbles and the little stones at the bottom of his bowl. It's quite active for a fish <3 I love it! Fishy-fish reminds me of my brother's dog "Watson". Because Fishy-fish comes to the edge of the bowl to say hi and make bubbles at you when you look over the bowl to see him. This is similar to Watson because he's an active and affectionate doggy that comes to say hi to you when you come to the door.

10. What's your Myers-Briggs type? (Haven't taken a test? Here!:… )
A: What's Myers-Briggs? *takes test*


28% Introverted (as opposed to Extraverted)

9% Intuitive (as opposed to Observant)

38% Feeling (as opposed to Thinking)

53% Prospecting (as opposed to Judging)

42% Turbulent (as opposed to Assertive)

You are one of the Diplomats - an empathic and idealistic individual who enjoys exploring interesting ideas and prizes morality. You are known for your poetic nature, intuitive skills and pure, childlike enthusiasm. Above you will find a brief overview of your personality traits - proceed to the type overview to learn much more about your personality type. Prepare to be impressed.

Okay, now I have to tag 10 people: 

and 4 other people that would be interested in doing this xD



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